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Earn $250 with Kabbage Funding if your application is approved. Terms apply1

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    Flexible funding

    Apply in minutes2 for a business line of credit.3

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    Payment processing

    Accept payments through professional invoices and custom pay links.

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    Cash flow insights4

    Delve into free data analytics to help you anticipate cash flow ups and downs.

American Express

The advantages of Kabbage® with the power of American Express

Kabbage from American Express offers a broad set of cash flow management products and services to hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Your connected business accounts—in one place.

Discover a dashboard that offers seamless access to cash flow management products and services that are customizable, easy to use, and data driven.

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“Thanks to Kabbage Funding, I was able to acquire the company of a retiring competitor. That expansion has already paid for itself!”

Chandra Franklin Womack, P.E., Aran+Franklin Engineering Inc.

Real Kabbage customer who was aware that her testimonial may be featured by American Express

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American Express® Business Checking

A fully digital account so you can manage your account on your time.

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