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Gift certificates to support small businesses

With the current impacts to our economy, we want to make sure there are ways to help local entrepreneurs. Through Kabbage Payments™, any business can sign up to sell gift certificates online, and anyone can purchase them to support participating small businesses.

Once registered, businesses can send a custom link to their customers.

Here’s how to sign your business up

  1. Create a free account through Kabbage Payments

    Enter your business information and connect the account where you’d like revenue deposited.

  2. Offer online gift certificates

    You’ll get a unique URL you can share with consumers, and they can find you by location and industry to buy gift certificates of any amount from $15 to $500.

  3. Access earnings now

    Your revenue will be deposited as early as the business day after customers buy gift certificates online.¹

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Ready to support small businesses?

Search for businesses by industry or location to show your support. You can also ask your favorite small businesses to sign up and create their unique URL so you can purchase gift certificates. They’ll get paid now when they need it most, and you can redeem the gift certificate later.

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We’re in this together

Thank you to our partners around the world who are joining us to help ensure small businesses are supported. If your organization would like to help, contact us at

FinixLendioBrickell Capital FinanceFunderaThe HartfordSmall Business ConnectionAlibabaGustoBecomeGroupraiseNavYahoo! Small Business

Have questions?

Contact us at helpsmallbusiness
if you don’t see the information you need.

  • How do I sign up to offer gift certificates?

    Create a free account through Kabbage Payments, and you can start sharing your custom gift certificate URL on your website, through social media and in other communications. Your business will also be searchable on the site by industry and location.

  • Is there a charge for this service?

    Kabbage isn't charging to offer this service, but there is currently a 2.5% payment processing charge per gift certificate purchase from our partners that facilitate the service. Alongside these partners, we're committed to reducing these costs to provide businesses with the maximum benefit possible during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • How can consumers find me?

    Consumers interested in supporting small businesses can search for gift certificates by industry and location. They can purchase certificates for any amount from $15 to $500. Certificates can be redeemed at any time and have no expiration date.

  • Is there a time limit on the redemption of these gift certificates?

    No, there is no time limit for when consumers can redeem their gift certificates.

  • How do I get paid for gift certificates?

    Revenue generated from the sale of gift certificates will be deposited as soon as the next business day after purchase.¹ After each gift certificate purchase, Kabbage will hold up to 10% of the settlement funds in reserve until the gift certificate has either been redeemed or remains unredeemed for 18 months after the purchase date. Reserve amounts will be released within 30 days of redemption (or within 19 months of purchase date if the gift certificates are not redeemed).

  • How can I track gift card purchases and redemptions?

    In the Gift Certificates section of the Kabbage Payments dashboard, you can track customer name, email address, gift card balance, date purchased and date redeemed. You can also redeem gift certificates for customers on this tab if they’ve lost their QR Code.

  • Once I sign up, can I use other Kabbage Payments services?

    You bet! Once you complete the signup, you’ll have access to other payment processing services that allow you to create professional invoices and accept online card payments faster. There’s no obligation to use these services, though, and you’ll only pay if you start accepting card payments through Kabbage. Learn more about Kabbage Payments here.

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