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Eric Hudson

Headshot of Kabbage customer Eric Hudson, Founder & CEO of Preserve Products

“I love what Kabbage is doing. I found their funding to be quick and seamless, and the team has a refreshing respect for customer service. Kabbage has reinvented the business financing space.”

Eric Hudson, Founder & CEO of Preserve Products
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Sustainability Pioneer, Eric Hudson, Creates Environmentally Focused Products with Help from Kabbage Funding

Many business owners embark on a path of entrepreneurship due to a desire to establish a personal legacy, while some, like Eric Hudson, the CEO and founder of Preserve, are inspired by a calling larger than themselves. Eric’s enduring respect for the natural world sparked a curiosity of recycling processes. This, combined with a business education, a passion for all things American-made, and a fearless entrepreneurial outlook, Eric founded Preserve in 1996 to help protect the Earth by creating products made from recycled materials and, most recently, create compostable products.

Based in Waltham, MA, his company recycles plastic from landfills and beaches and uses plant-based materials to create a bevy of household and toiletry products, such as toothbrushes, razors, tote bags, cutlery, and food containers. It’s been a success as Preserve has attracted over 10 million eco-conscious customers looking for high-quality products made with a smaller carbon footprint. By always improving their use of recycled materials and plant-based, biodegradable materials, Eric is setting a standard he hopes many manufacturers strive to adopt.


Pivots and partnerships

Eric and his team appreciate the value of partnership and the pivotal role it can play in challenging times. Four years ago, Preserve expanded its client base to the food service industry, which quickly became its fastest growing division. During the 2020 pandemic, that industry was severely impacted, wiping away half of Preserve’s annual revenues. In the height of survival mode, the Preserve team worked hard to reposition the company. Thanks to a roster of loyal and supportive partners who were open to renegotiating contracts, Preserve was able to weather the storm by reducing costs and expanding their focus on sectors like e-commerce, where they saw 38% growth.

Now, Preserve is rejuvenated with pre-pandemic revenue numbers. Facing a host of operational costs, Eric needed capital and turned to American Express, his trusted business partner of 15 years, who offered its newest product, Kabbage Funding. Eric’s search for financing took a pleasantly unexpected turn.

“For me, there was no need to vet Kabbage. Hearing a young, scrappy company with strong values like Kabbage was now a part of an organization with street cred like American Express gave me all the confidence I needed.” Following , and stellar support from Kabbage’s customer service team, Preserve’s line of credit forged a new valuable partnership for Eric. “I love what Kabbage is doing. I found their funding to be quick and seamless, and the team has a refreshing respect for customer service. Kabbage has reinvented the business financing space.”


Ensuring success

Today, Preserve celebrates nearly $10 million in sales in the past year, and the recent achievement of becoming a Climate Neutral Certified – a goal they projected for 2030. For Eric, sustainability has more than one meaning. “If you’re starting a business that’s driven by your passion, make sure you’re as focused on the magic of your passion as you are with your numbers. Finding partners like Kabbage that give you financial runway makes all the difference.”



Business Facts

Year Established: 1996

Type: Household products

Location: Waltham, MA

Employees: 16

Kabbage Customer Since: 2021

American Express Member Since: 1996

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