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Susan Rieser

A massage table with towels and rocks with superimposed text: "Susan Rieser, Thrive Massage and Wellness / Columbus, OH"

“We’re a family business, we live locally, and one of us always on site.”
Susan Rieser

Using Kabbage and her Gift for Healing, Susan Rieser Brings Wellness to Columbus, Ohio

Susan Rieser is a true believer in the healing power of massage. “I attribute my own health and wellness to getting massages,” says Rieser, owner of Thrive Massage and Wellness in Columbus, Ohio. After a career spent in advertising and illustration, Rieser began studying energetic wellness, realized she had a gift for healing, and decided to make a living from it. “I’ve seen too many gifted people walk away from wellness because it didn’t pay well enough,” Rieser says.

She joined a local wellness spa that was part of a franchise but didn’t think the experience was personalized enough. “I realized I could do it much better,” she says. She took over the location and relaunched the spa, aiming to make it a friendly local alternative to the spa chains. “We’re a family business, we live locally, and one of us always on site,” Rieser says.

To attract customers and grow the business, Rieser has steadily added services such as infrared saunas and aromatherapy. She markets Thrive on social media and at events like 5K runs for charity, with her therapists offering massages to tired runners.

Making ends meet at month’s end

Rieser has eight therapists on staff. “We always want enough money to meet payroll and to pay the payroll taxes at the end of the month,” Rieser says. The business also needs to budget for everyday supplies like towels, bathrobes and massage lotions.

Rieser applied for a Kabbage line of credit to make sure she could meet monthly payroll if unexpected expenses popped up. “Kabbage is super easy to work with,” Rieser says. “It took less than a week to get approved and it takes about two days for funds to come into my bank account.”

In addition to payroll and supplies, Rieser uses Kabbage to pay for events that help market the business, like fairs that promote local businesses hosted by the visitor bureau in the nearby town of Gahanna. “Sometimes it costs several hundreds of dollars for us to participate in a fair, and we used our Kabbage funds to buy a tent,” she says.

Turning wellness ideas into reality

In keeping with her goal to make a good living with wellness for her and her therapists, Rieser continues to add services and staff. She plans to add more therapists, including those who provide services like feng shui, guided meditation and facials. A couple of times a month, Rieser offers many classes and workshops taught by local practitioners.

“The thing I love about Kabbage is that if you have an idea, you can turn it into reality quickly,” Rieser says. “When you don’t have to worry about meeting monthly bills, you get the flexibility to follow your vision.”

Business Facts

Year established: 2016

Type: Wellness

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Employees: 8

Services: 3

Growth: add more therapists and expand services

Kabbage customer since: 2017

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