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Tony M.

Kabbage Success Story: Meet Tony M., Coastal Concrete Construction

“Kabbage makes it easy. I got approved and was funded in a few clicks.”

Tony M.

Building a Powerful Business on the Foundation of a Family Legacy

For Tony M., Coastal Concrete Construction is more than just a business—it’s his family history. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Coastal Concrete Construction has a background spanning four generations and forty years. Specialized in in concrete contracting, they build curbs, gutters, sidewalks, driveways, patios and foundations across the country.

With a hard-working mentality of saving, rather than spending, Tony’s father and his crew spent the early days of Coastal Concrete scrimping and saving. They passed on splurges, opting to plan ahead instead.

Later when his father showed Tony the ropes, he was hard on Tony to show him the value of hard work and dedication to customer happiness. That work ethic in the family paid off.

“Now, we’ve built up to the point where we’re buying hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment,” Tony says.

Navigating the Roadblocks of Traditional Funding

Still, expenses come up and in 2015, Tony was looking for capital to meet increased demand so Coastal Concrete could take on more clients and projects. Met with high interest rates, red tape, and high fees everywhere he looked, a friend finally recommended Tony look at Kabbage.

“I looked it up and honestly I think it took about 12 or 20 minutes and… bingo, it was an approval,” Tony says. “Kabbage makes it easy. I got approved and was funded in a few clicks.”

Teaming up with Kabbage has provided Tony with much needed relief in a high-pressure, high-stakes industry. As Coastal Concrete Construction pushes farther and expands faster, Kabbage funds have allowed them to grow painlessly and quickly.

Manning a Team to Finish Every Job

“One of the biggest challenges I face right now is manpower,” Tony says. “You have to make sure your employees are paid on Friday, or they’re not going to be there on Monday.”

Construction jobs often involve long turnarounds—as long as 120 to get paid after finishing a project. “How many payrolls is that?” Tony asks. Kabbage funds have been a reliable way for Tony to manage payroll.

When it comes to building this business, it’s about more than his own profits for Tony. It’s about passing down the lessons his father taught him so that he can build something that will last, and pass that down to his own sons.

“The lessons that my father taught are basically the same that I’m trying to pass on¬—hard work, keep it honest, and give the customer what they need and what they want.”

Business Facts

Year established: 1950s

Type: Concrete Contracting

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina

Generations: 4

Annual revenue: $3.5 million

Growth goal: $10 million by 2020

Kabbage customer since: 2016

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