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Alex Fedosseev

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Silicon Valley entrepreneur Alex Fedosseev launched software platform 1World Online in 2012 to help brands advertise and research consumer sentiment online via engaging website visitors with features like polls, surveys and trivia. Since then, the company has grown to serve thousands of customers, including major brands like Reuters, Newsweek, Walmart, Google and others, with satellite locations in Europe, Ukraine, India and Latin America.

A Complex Cash Flow Ecosystem

1World Online has high operating expenses — in addition to employee salaries, the company pays for online tools and services such as web hosting and advertising delivery platforms that are managed through multiple vendors. Its thousands of customers pay on a varying basis that depends on real-time website metrics, which means there are often gaps in cash flow and fluctuating pricing. Alex realized he needed a line of credit to help navigate long payment gaps and supplement the company’s venture capital funding.


“Every business has cash flow ups and downs, especially for us in the advertising world,” says Alex. “It’s a complicated business model. There’s a big gap between paying operating costs and getting paid by customers — usually thirty, but more commonly sixty days.” Seasonality also creates cash flow gaps for the business. “One quarter can be really strong, then the next slows down and then you’re back up in a few months — it’s always changing.” 

To cover these gaps and high operating costs while still growing the business, Alex turned to traditional lending. What he found was an outdated, manual process with a lot of paperwork and hidden costs. He also found loan providers unfriendly to small businesses and startups, and needed to jump through a number of hoops for approval. 


A Line of Credit Built for Small Businesses

When Alex discovered Kabbage online less than a year ago, he recognized it as a simple online tool for small businesses like his own. The process was efficient and accessible. “Kabbage is very user-friendly with great customer service,” says Alex. “The platform is solving real problems for small businesses.” With a line of credit from Kabbage, Alex is able to manage an intricate cash flow ecosystem and help customers get the most value out of 1World tools.

Business Facts

  • Redwood City, CA
  • 2,000 customers using the software platform
  • 25 employees
  • Founded in 2011

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