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Thom Pirone

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“Kabbage Payments is perfect for a small business owner who wants to start generating invoices and getting paid today.”
Thom Pirone

Thom Pirone was working at a consulting business four years ago when he decided to start his own sales and leadership agency, Stronghold Training. During his time in consulting, Thom had built up a strong reputation, leading many of his customers and partners to follow him to his new agency. Stronghold now provides sales and management training, real estate training, group coaching and team building services to 79 customers around Tampa, Florida. Thom is an ambitious entrepreneur and quickly expanded his offerings to provide customers with additional resources, including a podcast, blog and a YouTube channel. 



Solving the Payments Puzzle

As Stronghold Training grew its customer base, the process of managing payments became more complex. Thom gets paid on a monthly basis through a retainer for some clients, while also receiving one-off speaking and coaching event fees. Nearly all of his customers use credit cards that need to be managed securely. Thom found traditional payment methods to be complicated and difficult to use. 


A Payments Solution Built for Small Business Owners

Thom had previously secured a line of credit from Kabbage to help cover marketing expenses. He decided to try Kabbage’s new Payments solution and found the entire process intuitive, fast and easy. He’s able to send invoices efficiently and securely to get paid and access his funds in as little as 24 hours. “Kabbage Payments is perfect for a small business owner who wants to start generating invoices and getting paid today.”

The cost of managing payments is one of Thom’s biggest challenges as an entrepreneur. Instead of spending money on bookkeepers or accountants to manage a complex payment system of checks and cash, Thom recommends other small business owners find a simple payment processor that allows them to easily manage the process and keep more of their hard-earned money.

Business Facts

  • $15,000 in Kabbage funding
  • Tampa, FL 33549
  • 79 customers
  • Founded in 2016
  • 30 invoices sent per month
  • Potential $250/month saved with Kabbage Payments™

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