Jeanniey Walden

“I was beyond thrilled to get a line of credit that could help me.”

Jeanniey Walden

Real American Express® Business Line of Credit customer who was aware that her testimonial may be featured by American Express.

Business Line of Credit Helps Get New TV Show Off the Ground

After years of working as a marketing executive at companies ranging from startups to major corporations, Jeanniey Walden was still surprised and frustrated that products and services that could improve people’s lives were not getting the publicity and traction they deserved. So, she decided to start her own television program, “LiftOff with Jeanniey Walden” to do just that.

Jeanniey’s 30-minute show is slated to air every other week on the CW network in Atlanta and Tampa, as well as in New Jersey and streaming on Amazon Prime. It will feature segments focusing on improving viewers’ lives in a range of areas, including finances, careers, technology, and physical wellness.

A way to maintain ownership and control of her business

Despite having an offer of seed money from an investor, Jeanniey decided she wanted to maintain full control of her business and she chose to fund it entirely from her own savings and an American Express® Business Line of Credit. “I wanted to launch this business on my own terms,” she recalls. Having been a Card Member since 2002, Jeanniey is a true believer in American Express. “Their quality of service is so high, I thought if I’m going to look for help getting my business off the ground, it’s going to be with Amex.”

After seeing a notice for the Business Line of Credit when she logged into her American Express Business Platinum Card® account, Jeanniey followed the link and applied online. “It was so straightforward, I just clicked the button, and it took just minutes to fill in the information in the application.”  Jeanniey was approved for a line of credit. “I was beyond thrilled to get a line of credit that could help me grow my business.”

In her current ramp-up phase, Jeanniey has used her Business Line of Credit to hire producers, secure airtime, design her website, expand social media outreach, and other activities to get her name and brand out there. “It’s definitely helped me build pre-show buzz and get people excited about tuning in. For example, I used the funds to travel to the Consumer Electronics Show where I appeared on a panel. While there I also interviewed a number of entrepreneurs with great new products who will be future guests on my show. I couldn’t have done all that without those funds from Amex.”

Paying for startup expenses and funding future growth

As Jeanniey’s first taping days approach, she plans to tap funds from her Business Line of Credit to handle some of the many costs that will incur, including the film crew, scriptwriters, editors, as well as set design and construction. “And I absolutely intend to keep using the Business Line of Credit as the way to grow,” she adds. “The Amex funds have allowed me to ask myself ‘How do I want to grow? When do I want to bring on full-time staff? Do I want to use that money to extend to national distribution?’” She adds: “While I don’t know the answers right now, I do know American Express will definitely be part of the growth plan.”

Business Facts

Year Established: 2019

Industry Type: Television

Location: New Jersey

American Express® Business Line of Credit Customer Since: 2022

American Express® Member Since: 2002

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