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John Cascarano

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“Speed really matters. Even when you’re working with a bank, and you have some history, it might take a year or more before you get the actual financing.”

John Cascarano

With Kabbage, Tame the Beast Is Prepared for Spikes in Sales

John Cascarano’s vision for men’s grooming products more closely resembles small-batch bourbon production than making a typical shampoo or body wash. His company, Tame the Beast, makes a line of U.S.-manufactured and packaged personal care products crafted with high-quality ingredients including ginseng, moringa and green tea.

After more than 20 years working in startups and e-commerce companies and creating consumer products, John saw an opportunity to make grooming essentials that grown men would look forward to using — and that would help them get out of bed in the morning. He applied his small-batch philosophy to designing invigorating products like a caffeine-infused body wash and a peppermint beard oil.

For Small Business Owners, Speed Really Matters

While customer demand is generally something businesses seek, this demand can be hard to predict. A product he launched on Kickstarter, for instance, sold 1,000 units in a week, and the resulting spike in website traffic depleted his inventory of certain products.

John was familiar with Kabbage through his prior experience founding small businesses. He decided to apply for a line of credit so he could prepare for unexpected spikes in demand.

In choosing Kabbage, one benefit stood out above the rest. “Speed really matters,” John says. “Even when you’re working with a bank and you have some history, it might be a year or more before you get the actual financing.” In his experience with Kabbage, John had capital available within a day.

Access to Capital Before Sales Kick In

Each time John is ready to create a new product, it can take two months from sourcing ingredients and refining formulas to designing labels and finalizing packaging. During this development phase, John pays suppliers and manufacturers weeks or months in advance of earning revenue.

Access to financing helps him invest in product development and restock his inventory even while investing in new products.

With access to Kabbage funds, John was able to expand his inventory by more than 30 percent by manufacturing 5,000 additional units. This supply, he says, was enough for several months of sales.

In the past year of working with Kabbage, Tame the Beast has grown 300 percent. This year, John plans to launch half a dozen new products and expects to double or triple the company’s sales.

He continues to invest in new products while keeping his bestsellers in stock.

Longer term, John plans to move more manufacturing to his hometown of Nashville, where he feels connected to the city’s growing startup community. He hopes to create the intimate experience you might expect from a distillery or craft brewery, but for men’s shampoos and soaps. That way, he says, “people can tour the facility and see how their personal care products are made” — and feel a bit more energized in the process.

Business Facts

Year established: 2016

Type: Retail

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Employees: 1

Botanical scents: 6

Growth: 30% increase in inventory

Growth Goal: Launch 6 new products and 2x sales

Kabbage customer since: 2018

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