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OptBlue Sales Agent For Small Business Merchants

American Express is committed to backing small businesses. Learn more about special offers on curated solutions to help your merchants welcome customers now and take advantage of whatever opportunities come next.

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OptBlue Sales Agent For Small Business Merchants

We're committed to supporting you and your merchants.

What's new with American Express?

We’re here to support you and your merchants with these free resources.



Contactless Payments are growing and are here to stay. Learn more about the contactless resources we have for your and your merchants.

Invite your customers to Shop Small this holiday season

Shop Small®

This holiday season, we’re supporting merchants with resources to help them prepare for the holidays. Learn more about how you can join in to support them and spread the word.

Digital Signage

Merchants can encourage online spending with simple digital signage. Download marketing materials to tell them about the free digital resources we offer.

More merchants than ever.

American Express can now be accepted at 99% of the places in the US that accept credit cards, based on the Feb 2020 Nilson Report.

Interactive Resources to Help You Build Your Business

Learn how to sell acceptance with confidence with the new American Express Learning Portal. The quick and interactive courses can even be taken while on the go. Get started for free today.

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Shop Small® All Year Long!

We’re committed to supporting small businesses everyday and know you are too.

Help your merchants attract potential customers all year long with free downloadable Shop Small Materials including badges, social media posts, customizable banners and more.

Shop Small® Resources to Help Support Your Merchants

This holiday season, we’re supporting small businesses with materials, tools and savings* on services to help them prepare for the holiday season. Get started by using these materials to spread the news and resources with your merchants.
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Invite your customers to Shop Small this holiday season
Let's make the holidays even happier, together

Contactless Payments

Did you know? 84% of merchants agree that using contactless is safer for personal health than using cash, swiping a card or inserting a chip*. Explore the contactless resources below for you and your merchants.

The Case For Contactless

Download the infographic to share with your merchants outlining the trends in contactless payments.

Contactless Signage

Explore the contactless signage we have for your merchants.

Contactless Resources

Explore the other resources we have for you and your merchants to learn about a faster, safer way for customers to pay.

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* The Amex 2020 Digital Payments Trendex survey was conducted online among a sample a sample of 400 business leaders in the U.S. who have responsibility for making decisions regarding customer payment options, IT/data security, or online sales strategy and planning. The sample for the study came from an online panel. Fieldwork was conducted between July 30-August 7, 2020.

** Based on a comparison of the ratios of non-fraud disputes that require merchant involvement to total transactions, in 2016 and 2019.

1. Nilson Report #1,147, February 2019. Spend per card derived from U.S. year-end purchase volume divided by year-end cards in force (CIF), not from individual consumer-level data. CIF represents the number of cards issued and outstanding with cardholders. Average Non-American Express spend per card includes Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit and charge card volume and CIF and excludes debit volume and CIF.

2. Nilson Report #1,147, February 2019. Transaction Size derived from U.S. year-end purchase volume divided by year-end purchase transactions, not from individual consumer-level data.  Average non-American Express transaction size includes Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and charge cards and excludes debit.