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As the internal strategy team at American Express, we work on challenging and complex global enterprise projects that determine the company’s strategic direction. 

Mohammed Badi

A word from our Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Drummond, on the Enterprise Strategy team’s mission

“In Enterprise Strategy, we have a dual mandate: develop impactful strategic recommendations that shape the future of American Express, and to attract and nurture top talent to become future leaders of our company and industry. To do this, we bring an unbiased, external perspective to our recommendations, rooting them in practical reality to deliver the greatest impact. We foster a culture of collaboration, coaching, and mentorship, to develop talent and successfully set colleagues up for future roles in the business."

What We Do

We’re in charge of solving tough problems and creating actionable solutions for the CEO, Executive Team, and key business leaders at American Express. We develop the mid- and long-term, enterprise-wide strategies that influence the future of the entire company. 

How We Do It

With a global presence in New York and London, our team fosters strategic dialogue across the different business units and functions at American Express. Using a rigorous and structured approach to solving problems, we develop solutions that create value and back our customers.

What Enterprise Strategy Team Members Are Saying


Maaz K.

“What I've enjoyed most is the ability to take advantage of an inclusive learning environment that brings together colleagues with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences who support each other. In addition, leadership places a strong emphasis on internal and external skills trainings as well as learning resources, so we're equipped to excel on the challenges we face."


Umair S.

“I love this team and the work we do – we get to drive thinking around solving some of the most complex and intellectually stimulating problems for senior leaders at the preeminent
payments company and we get to do that while having fun and being our authentic selves. What’s not to love?”



Thomas R.

“I’ve been very impressed with the relationship the Enterprise Strategy team has developed over time with the most senior leaders in the business, a testament to the high-impact work and results we are able to drive. This means we are continuously in high demand! Outside of project work, the team has a fantastic culture centred around mentorship, continuous knowledge sharing and team building activities.”


Katie S.

“I love that Enterprise Strategy allows me so much opportunity to grow both as a professional and an individual. Not only do I get to work on questions that are high-impact, challenging, and relevant, but I get to do it alongside talented colleagues who inspire me to be my best every day. The caliber of both our team's work and our people never ceases to amaze me!”