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We recognize the COVID-19 pandemic presents extraordinary challenges for our customers.  That’s why AMEX Assurance Company (AAC) is relaxing our ordinary practices to temporarily allow:


  1. Deferred premium payments for a limited grace period;
  2. Relaxed deadlines for providing us with information;
  3. Waiver of late fees and similar charges;
  4. Delayed cancellation for non-payment of premium;
  5. Deferring non-renewal of policies at expiration; and
  6. Extending coverage under expiring policies.


These temporary changes apply to AAC’s Accident Guard, Accident Protection Plan and Travel Medical Protection products only.  No other AAC products have payment plans.  In making these temporary accommodations, AAC intends to prevent adverse actions from affecting your coverage while we all work to get to business as usual.  60 days after the date of this notice unless otherwise mandated by regulatory agencies, and subject to regulatory requirements, AAC will end these deferrals, relaxations, delays and extensions.  Only late fees and similar charges will be totally waived.  Remember, we are still providing coverage for claims during the grace period.  This means all premium amounts (including amounts granted a grace period) will be due and must be paid up in full according to your payment schedule after the grace period expires.



DATED: April 17, 2020