As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, we’d like to provide you with important information about the coverage that may be provided with your Travel Medical Protection Policy. While you consider your travel plans, please consult the World Health Organization (WHO, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, websites for the most up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak.


What your Policy includes

Below is a summary of the coverages available under Travel Medical Protection (for details, please read your actual certificate/policy):


Your Policy can cover:

  • certain medical expenses if you or your spouse/domestic partner/unmarried child1, contract any illness, including COVID-19, while traveling (excluding pre-existing conditions2)

Your Policy does not cover:

  • trip cancellation because the intended destination has reported incidents of COVID-19
  • trip cancellation because the intended destination is the subject of a CDC or other health travel warning
  • trip cancellation because the intended destination has reported incidents of any health emergency, including pandemic
  • expenses incurred when you or your traveling companion are quarantined while traveling
  • canceling for any reason not specifically stated in your certificate/policy

We encourage you to contact your airlines and/or other travel providers for any specific questions you may have to upcoming travel and/or cancellations.


Cancelling your Policy and refunding your Premium

You can cancel your Policy at any time and be eligible for a refund of your premium. 


Important Notice: This information is a summary and can only be used for informational purposes. Information contained in this document does not modify or change the terms of coverage included in your purchased Description of Coverage/policy. Please refer to your purchased certificate/policy for a full description of all terms, conditions, provisions and exclusions.





1Spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children must be named insured on the Policy in-order for the coverage to apply. 

2Pre-existing condition exclusions preclude coverage for symptoms that manifest while traveling or prior to traveling if a condition were present and would have caused an average person to seek medical diagnosis or treatment before the trip start date.