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Smart Money Insights 

Ideas to help you get a better sense of your financial picture.

Inflation 101: Meaning and Causes

Inflation is a measure of rising prices for the things people usually buy. No matter how large your income or savings, a high inflation rate means your money buys less.

Inflation Rates and How to Calculate Them

Here’s an overview of the typical inflation rates economists use to better understand the U.S. economy, why they matter, and how to calculate them.

How to Get Out of Debt in 2020

A guide on how to start reducing debt this year, whether it’s from a student loan, auto loan, credit card spending—or all of the above.

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What Exactly is Personal Finance Management?


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How to Consolidate Debt: 9 Steps to Regain Control


Debt consolidation can help simplify your finances and reduce monthly payments. Learn how you can consolidate debt with these 9 steps.

How to Save Money on Food and Grocery Delivery


Food delivery is more in demand than ever, whether for groceries, restaurant orders, or snacks. You can save money on food with these tips on delivery from around the web.

How Much Should I Have in an Emergency Fund?


An emergency fund can help you manage your finances, especially when life becomes unpredictable. Learn how much you should have in an emergency fund, and where to keep it.

Do you know about annual percentage rate (APR)? Here’s how to compare different types of APR and how to calculate it.

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