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Understanding Personal Growth – How to Build a Career in Disruptive Times


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Career Coach Beverly Jones helps furloughed flight attendant Elliot London to rethink what his career can be in the post-COVID-19 job market.

As mass layoffs and pandemic-related shutdowns spread across the country, entire sectors of the economy are fundamentally changing. So how do you navigate these changes and prepare yourself for a career in the future? What steps can you take to re-skill, re-think, and re-evaluate your next steps?


The consistent predictor of success in building a career in disruptive times is having a flexible mindset, according to career coach Beverly Jones. For over thirty years, Beverly has helped people transform their lives following all sorts of changes—from layoffs, corporate restructurings, personal moves, and family changes. You may not land in the exact same position, she says, but by being open and adaptable to change, you can overcome and thrive during challenging times.


So, where do you begin? There are three key steps Beverly advises for anyone navigating their next career move.


  • MAKE A “BIG LIST” OF WHAT’S IMPORTANT TO YOU: Take a broad inventory of your interests, passions, and skills. What do you love about what you do and what do you want to change, what do you want from your future and what does that “future-you” look like.
  • BUILD YOUR BLOCKS OF ACTIONS: Breakdown your “Big List” into small achievable blocks. It’s important not to think of action as one massive step forward. Instead, change will come through these “Blocks” that build to positive change through consistent behavior.
Example of a Mind Map to help with personal development
  • COMMIT TO YOUR PLAN: With your “Blocks” identified, commit to a pace of tackling and tracking these small actions one at a time. You can’t do it all at once. Instead, by going block-by-block, slowly and steadily, you can build a positive future for yourself.
Track your progress as you go through these steps. This helps show how far you’ve come and highlights new insights revealed during the journey. You can also keep an inventory of your emotions in these times of transition. It’s okay to feel sad, to feel lost, to feel like you’ll never get back on your feet. You will get through this and this moment isn’t forever.

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