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Based on your experience at the hotel, how likely would you be to recommend this hotel to a friend or colleague?
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Quality of the Room


On-site Amenities
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During check in, did the Front Desk staff acknowledge that the booking was made through American Express and/or FINE HOTELS & RESORTS?

Did you receive the following FINE HOTELS & RESORTS benefits during your stay:

Breakfast for two

4:00p.m. late check-out

Individual property amenity

Early check-in, upon availability

Complimentary Wi-Fi


Was the room upgrade benefit mentioned during check-in?

Did you receive the room upgrade?

How was your booking made?

Based on the value and experience of utilizing the FINE HOTELS & RESORTS benefits, how likely would you be to recommend your American Express Platinum Card® or Centurion® Membership to a friend or colleague?
(1 = not likely at all) (10 = extremely likely)

We appreciate your feedback! If you experienced any issues with receiving your FINE HOTELS & RESORTS benefits, please contact Platinum or Centurion Travel Service.

Valid only for new FINE HOTELS & RESORTS bookings made through Platinum Travel Service, Business Platinum Travel Service, Centurion Travel Service,, any American Express Travel offices or the Agency Services Desk. Payment must be made in full with an American Express Card in the Platinum Card Member’s or Centurion® Member’s name. Available for Platinum Charge Card Members and Centurion® Members only, and excludes Platinum Credit Card Members such as Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Card Members who are not also Platinum Charge Card Members. Card Member must travel on itinerary booked to be eligible for benefits described. Noon check-in and room upgrade are based on availability and are provided at check-in. Breakfast amenity varies by property, but will be, at a minimum, a continental breakfast. Complimentary In-Room Wi-Fi is provided, with the exception of explora Patagonia where In-Room Wi-Fi is not available. In this instance, complimentary Wi-Fi will be provided in a common space on property. In the case where a Property includes cost of Wi-Fi in a mandatory resort fee, the Card Member will receive a daily credit from the Property in the standard amount that the Property charges for Wi-Fi. The credit will be issued on the Card Members final statement upon check-out. Benefit restrictions vary by FINE HOTELS & RESORTS property and cannot be redeemed for cash, and may not be combined with other offers unless indicated. Advance reservations are recommended for services such as spa, dining or golf in order to take advantage of the FINE HOTELS & RESORTS special amenity during your stay. Benefits and additional FINE HOTELS & RESORTS promotions are only applied at checkout and expire at checkout. Limit one benefit package per room, per stay. Three room limit per Card Member, per stay; back-to-back stays within a 24-hour period at the same property considered one stay. Participating FINE HOTELS & RESORTS properties and benefits are subject to change.

American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.,when acting solely as a sales agent for travel suppliers, is not responsible for the actions or inactions of such suppliers. We want you to be aware that certain suppliers pay us commissions and other incentives for reaching sales targets or other goals, and may also provide incentives to our travel counselors. For more information please visit California CST#1022318, Washington UBI#600-469-694, Iowa TA#669.
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