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Not only have I visited this continent three times in the last ten years, but I have also personally escorted a three-week group to Africa, where we visited four different African countries. I have visited major sights and done major activities that you will want to include in your African Vacation, from exploring the tombs of Egypt, to taking an exciting Safari ride. One of the most incredible things I experienced in Africa was the Ngorongoro Crater. This is the largest collapsed volcanic crater in the world, with only one road to travel. There are over 30,000 animals that live in this crater, called the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Another must do in Africa, a visit to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. This is where most African Safaris in Tanzania take place. And why not think about taking a hot air balloon safari in Masai Mara or spend one night in a tented camp. For travelers who want a personal touch to really bring to life their next trip, I can offer some great insight that I did not learn from a brochure or the internet, but rather from my own experience in planning trips to this wonderful destination.

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It is a good idea to pack lightly because often there is a very strict weight limit and most lodges include laundry service for no fee.

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East Africa
East Africa

What is special about East Africa? What is the difference between this area in Africa and others? Here you will best be able to experience a classic African Safari, and as a person who has traveled North, South, East and West in Africa, I can tell you with confidence that East Africa is the place to go. Comprised of Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Burundi, each country has its own highlights. The most requested sights and frankly, not to be missed points are Masai Mara and the Serengeti. Most clients want to catch the great migration, and some wish to make a stop to see Olduvai Gorge, where the earliest remains of man have been uncovered. I can help with everything, from the flights to the safari drives, the best lodges and safari camps, and most important, experience based both on my personal experience, and the experience of a constant flow of clients that I send to this area. Call me today and take a look at some of my other specialties. You can see I am a lifelong traveler and well versed in African experiences.


I have been to Tahiti three times. I know the latest and greatest places to stay in Tahiti. The last time I visited Tahiti, I cruised the numerous islands on the luxury ship, Paul Gauguin, with a group of 100 people. I have seen all of Tahiti in so many different ways, which will allow me to create the best itinerary to meet your needs. I also am a tourist board certified Tahiti Tiare Specialist, which not only requires a long instructional section, but is also based on my personal visits to Tahiti and the number of clients I send to Tahiti. On average, I send about 60 couples a year to Tahiti, for romantic getaways and honeymoons. For travelers who want a personal touch to really bring to life their next trip, I can offer some great insight that I did not learn from a brochure or the internet, but rather from my own experiences

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In Tahiti, fish is the main course. You will find very limited chicken and beef options, and if so, they will be extremely expensive!

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