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15,000 points donated to Save the Children

Save the Children

15,000 points donated to Save the Children

points was 15,000 points

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Education – Philippines

Photographer’s credit: Joan Marie del Mundo/Save the Children

Your donation could pay for 46 story books for a child in the Philippines
With 6.2 million primary school-aged children still not in school in the Philippines, Save the Children works to create better access to quality education and lift children out of poverty.
Millions of children all over the world never see the inside of a classroom. Others drop out because their classes are overcrowded or their teachers poorly trained. Children in disadvantaged communities are most at risk of missing out. Many are robbed of the chance to learn because they’re a girl, or come from a poor family, or live in a rural area. And for those whose worlds have been turned upside down by conflict or environmental disaster, education offers stability and hope.
This must change. We're determined to ensure that every child, everywhere in the world, gets a high-quality education and the chance to write their own futures.

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