Dashen American Express Green Debit

Dashen American Express Green Debit

Dashen American Express® Green Debit

Introducing The Dashen Bank American Express Green card

CASH BACK REWARDS Cash back is the special reward you will receive as an American Express Card member. Every time you use your Green card for payment at merchant locations, you will enjoy a refund of 1.0% of the transaction value.
FINANCIAL FREEDOM Your Green card allows you to make purchase of upto ETB 60,000.00 per day at merchant locations
SPECIAL OFFERS Enjoy special offers at selected merchants


The Dashen American Express Green Debit Card allows you to enjoy special daily transaction limits, enabling you to spend while also earning a Cash back refund on every purchase made with you card at merchant locations. In addition, you can make cash withdrawals at Dashen Area Banks as well as ATM locations.

  • Special daily transaction limits of up to ETB 60,000.00 per day at merchant locations
  • Receive 1.0% cashback on every purchase made with your card at merchant locations
  • Withdraw cash of up to ETB 25,000.00 per day at Dashen Area Banks
  • Withdraw cash of up to ETB 15,000.00 per day at ATM locations
  • Enjoy special offers and discounts at selected merchants locally when paying with your Dashen American Express Green Debit Card


To save time before you apply for your Green Card, it’s best to make sure you can say yes to the following:

  • I have a Dashen Bank current account
  • I am 18 years or older
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American Express Selects

Enjoy a wide range of special offers at participating merchants across a variety of categories such as accommodation, dining, shopping, gym, spa and much more. Simply mention that you are an American Express Card member and pay using your Dashen American Express Green Debit card. Visit the Selects site for more details on participating merchants and current offers.

Card fees


Joining fee is ETB 10

Yearly Annual Fee is ETB 25

Our Customer Service will be more than happy to assist you.

Please visit any of the Dashen Bank branches in Ethiopia or call our Customer Service line on + 251 11 4672055 or +251 11 4661643

To apply for the Dashen American Express Gold Debit Card, please complete the attached application form, sign and submit to your local Dashen Bank branch.

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  • About the Company

    About the Company

    American Express is a global services company, providing customers with access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. Since 1997, American Express has partnered with a select group of leading banks and financial institutions around the world to issue American Express-branded products and acquire merchants on the American Express merchant network. By leveraging its licensing partnerships, global infrastructure and the powerful appeal of the brand, American Express has gained even broader reach for its network worldwide. 


    Dashen Bank launched its American Express® Card Service in November 2014. Under its agreement with American Express, Dashen Bank is authorized to issue American Express-branded products and sign up merchants to accept American Express card transactions in Ethiopia. Dashen Bank is responsible for managing all aspects related to the American Express-branded products it issues under its license with American Express.

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    Dashen Bank Website Rules & Regulations 

    November 20, 2014


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  • Privacy Statement

    Privacy Statement

    Privacy Policy 


    The Dashen Bank and American Express Data Protection & Privacy Principles


    1. Collection: We will only collect personal data that is needed and by lawful and fair means. 


    2. Notice and Processing: Where it is not apparent from the products or services you require or the nature of your relationship with us, we will tell you how your personal data will be processed and which companies in the Dashen Bank and American Express Group are responsible for that processing. We will process your personal data fairly and only for those purposes we have told you, for purposes permitted by you or as permitted by applicable law. In addition, you may object to certain types of processing as expressly permitted by applicable law. 


    3. Choice: We give customers the option of having their personal data included or removed from lists used for marketing as required by applicable law. This includes product and service offers from Dashen Bank and American Express and those made in conjunction with our business partners. Of course each of our businesses will continue to send customers information about the products or services they receive from that business. 


    4. Data Quality: We use appropriate technology and well-defined employee practices to process your personal data promptly and accurately. We will not keep your personal data longer than is necessary, except as otherwise required by applicable law. 


    5. Security and Confidentiality: We will keep your personal data confidential and limit access to your personal data to those who specifically need it to conduct their business activities, except as otherwise permitted by applicable law. We refer to industry standards and use reasonable administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. We require industry standard data security measures from those third parties who are authorized by us to process your personal data on our behalf. 


    6. Data Sharing: We only share your personal data with third parties where it is necessary to provide you with products or services or as part of the nature of our relationship with you, where we have previously informed or been authorized by you, in connection with our efforts to reduce fraud or criminal activity, or as permitted by law. 


    7. Openness and Data Access: If you ask, we will inform you about how your personal data is processed and the rights and remedies you have under these Principles. You may inquire as to the nature of the personal data stored or processed about you by Dashen Bank and American Express. You will be provided access as is required by law in Ethiopia, regardless of the location of the data processing and storage. If any data is inaccurate or incomplete, you may request that the data be amended. 


    8. International Transfer: Where it is not apparent from the international products or services you require or the nature of your relationship with us, we will inform you if your personal data may be transferred outside of your country and ensure that such transfer is only performed in accordance with applicable law. Regardless of where your personal data is transferred, your personal data is protected by these Principles.


    9. Responsibility: Dashen Bank and each company in the American Express Group and their employees may only process your personal data in accordance with these Principles. We conduct training and reviews of our compliance with these Principles. Employees who violate these Principles may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Employees are expected to report violation of these Principles, and may do so to their managers or HR managers, to their business unit's compliance officer, to the legal department. 


    10. Accountability: You may enforce these Principles in Ethiopia against Dashen Bank and any company in the American Express Group that is responsible for your personal data, as a third party contractual beneficiary to these Principles. If you have a complaint that we have breached these Principles and have attempted in good faith to resolve the complaint through our customer service process or employee complaints process, but the complaint was not resolved by us within a reasonable amount of time, then you may enforce these Principles against us. If you complain to your local data protection authority and the data protection authority finds that we have breached these Principles, we will abide by the findings of the data protection authority, but we reserve the right to challenge or appeal such findings. These Principles do not affect any rights you have under applicable law, the requirements of any applicable regulatory data protection authority, or any other type of agreement that you may have with us.


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