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Bonus Loyalty Programme



The new dimension in Loyalty Programmes 


Bonus is a unique loyalty programme that rewards you instantly with Bonus Points, everytime you spend with your Bonus cards. You are able to redeem your Bonus points to the participating Bonus Merchants and reward yourself with goods and services according to your preferences. 


Premium Plus Bonus Merchants represent leading companies from major market sectors: AB Vassilopoulos (supermarket), AEGEAN(airline), BP stations (petrol), Vodafone (telecoms), hellas online(fixed telecoms), notosgalleries (department stores), Ilektroniki (electric goods), Hertz (car rental), as well as, a wide selection of retailers of other market sectors such as: cosmetics, clothing, shoes, dining, hotels, books, travelling, electronics etc.


A network of 3.000 stores throughout Greece participate in Bonus Programme which continuously expands with new partnerships. The variety of the participating Bonus merchants and their exclusive redemption offers, ensure that most of customer needs are covered as their redemptions choices are constantly enriched.  


Alpha Bank welcomes you to Bonus Programme by offering you 2.000 welcome Bonus points, with your first purchase with your Bonus card at any Bonus participating merchant!


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