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Mobile Wallets with American Express

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Advantages of mobile wallets


Four layers of Security


1. Secure device

No one can use your device to pay without authorization, whether through biometric data like your thumbprint or faceprint, or a personal PIN.

2. Encrypted details

Your Card details are never stored on your device. Instead, we generate a random 15-digit ID (called a token) to share with merchants. 

3. Authentification

Every mobile payment is authorized directly by American Express.

4. Fraud protection and alerts

Like most Card transactions, mobile payments made with American Express are covered by our fraud protection guarantee. Our advanced fraud alerts can detect unusual transactions and flag if someone tried to add your Card to their device.

Female making card transaction

Want to keep receiving rewards?

No worries, you’ll keep earning rewards on everyday transactions and enjoy the same benefits as when you use your American Express® Card.


Lost your Card?

If you lose your American Express Card but have mobile payments set up, you won’t have to wait for a new Card to arrive. 
We simply link your new Card details to your device, so you can start using mobile payments again right away.

Where can I make mobile payments?


You can make mobile payments at merchant locations that accept American Express Cards where you can swipe or tap your Card.