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Maximizing Benefits for Different Parts of Your Company

Maximizing Benefits for Different Parts of Your Company

An effective corporate payment solution is more than a way to pay your bills. In today’s connected, data-rich world a payment solution can help you save money, streamline expense processing for your employees, and add an extra level of security, visibility and control with every expenditure. An efficient payment solution can also build loyalty with suppliers and provide cash flow assistance when you need it most. 

The American Express Corporate Card Program does all this and more as it delivers benefits to every part of your business and gives each department an advantage in today’s increasingly competitive market. Our corporate card program helps companies save money while they spend, and it gives them better visibility and control over expenses for greater security against fraud. On top of all that, our card program earns you membership rewards and comes with travel protection and conveniences that will make it a hit with employees. 

Below is an infographic that describes how the American Express Corporate Card Program can benefit the different functions and departments of your company:

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