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RSVP today to apply for the American Express® Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card and

enjoy the exclusive earn rate of HKD1 = 1 Asia Mile on foreign currency spending and

all of the amazing welcome offers.


Enjoy first-year annual fee waiver and the welcome offers of up to154,000


Welcome offer terms and conditions apply.



  • First year enrollment fee waiver for Green Tier membership of The Marco Polo Club^ (not applicable to existing Marco Polo Club members)
  • Plaza Premium Lounge access# all year-round for you and your Supplementary Cardmembers
  • You can enjoy our equivalent to HK$1 = 1 earn rate on foreign currency spend and HK$2 = 1 earn rate on local currency spend in the first 3 months**.
    Thereafter, enjoy HK$6 = 1 on all local spend and equivalent to HK$6 = 1.5 on all foreign currency spend throughout the year
  • Complimentary Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Protection
  • Enjoy up to 3-day priority redemption for selected discounted flight awards bookings## online from time to time
  • Once your Card is approved, you can earn 3,000 for each successful referral+

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If you need any assistance, simply contact American Express at 2277 3333.


This offer will expire on 15 August 2020, now is the time to enroll.

Onboarding Bonus is only valid for approved Basic Cardmembers who submit all required valid documents within 7 days from the date of application submission.


** Local spend: HK$2 = 1 (up to a maximum A50,000, i.e. spend cap of HK$100,000). Foreign currency spend: equivalent to HK$1 = 1 (up to a maximum 100,000, i.e. spend cap of HK$100,000). Foreign currency spend has to be settled in a foreign currency. Foreign currency means any currency other than Hong Kong Dollars. If a transaction is converted into Hong Kong Dollars prior to being submitted to American Express International, Inc., foreign currency spend earn rate will not be applied on that spend. Payments for online transactions made in Hong Kong Dollars will also not be considered foreign currency spend. Foreign currency spend excludes charges including but not limited to charges for Express Cash withdrawals and other fees.


~ The offer is valid for Supplementary Card that is applied along with the Basic Card.


^Enrollment fee for the Marco Polo Club Green Tier membership will be waived when Cardmember applies for membership online through www.cathaypacific.com after successful application of the Card. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Marco Polo Club. For more information on membership benefits of the Marco Polo Club, please visit www.cathaypacific.com.


#Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers can enjoy a total of 10 times Plaza Premium Lounge Access for each calendar year. Relevant Terms and Conditions apply. For details of Plaza Premium Lounge access, please refer to https://amex.co/3cNqNdo.


The offer is only valid for the payment settled in Hong Kong dollars.


Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Inconvenience Protection is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited ("Chubb"). Chubb is authorized and regulated by the Commissioner of Insurance of the Hong Kong SAR and is solely responsible for all coverage and compensation under the policy; In the event of an eligible dispute (as defined in the Terms of Reference for the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre in relation to the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme) arising between the American Express International, Inc. and the customer out of the selling process or processing of the related transaction, the American Express International, Inc. will enter into a Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme process with the customer; however any disputes over the contractual terms of the product should be resolved directly between Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited and the customer.


##American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Cardmembers who hold Marco Polo Club Silver Tier or above may enjoy 3-day priority redemption while all other American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Cardmembers may enjoy 2-day priority redemption on selected discounted flight awards booking offer. Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please refer to Asia Miles™ website www.asiamiles.com.


+Relevant Terms and Conditions apply. For details of referral bonus, please refer to https://amex.co/2XICqx4.


Card benefits terms and conditions apply.


The above offers are subject to terms and conditions. By submitting your application, you agree that if you do not meet the minimum income requirement for an American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card, you wish us to consider this application as an application for an American Express® Cathay Pacific Credit Card instead.


Existing American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card Basic Cardmember / American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card Basic Cardmember and applicants who have held either the Basic Card of American Express Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card / the Basic Card of American Express Cathay Pacific Credit Card at any time within the past 12 months from the date of this application are not eligible for these Welcome Offers and the first year annual fee waiver..