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Get ahead in today’s business environment with the Gold Business Card.  It opens more doors to help you grow your business and delivers real value with the money you spend.
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Extending the Business Card to your staff and colleague is the best way to consolidate your business expenses.
The Gold Business


With American Express Gold Business Card, you can grow your business at ease while enjoying rewards for the money you spend on your business.

Key features
    • No pre-set spending limit gives your business the financial flexibility as your business needs change, so you can spend as much as you can show you can afford to repay every month.
    • Save time and get greater control over your business expenses with Quarterly Management Report. This report details your account's transactions for the past quarter in different categories (such as travel, entertainment, dining) to help you better manage expenses.
    • With Supplementary Business Card, your staff and colleagues can enjoy the same services and privileges as you. What's more, you'll benefit too from the business expenses they put on the card - a faster way for you to earn more rewards points.


Great rewards and savings for you and your business with American Express Gold Business Card.

Key features
    • With the Gold Business Card, you are protected with complimentary insurance that gives you peace of mind.
    • Free enrolment in the Membership Rewards® Basic Program where every HK$1 you spend gets you 1 point1. There's no cap or expiry of points as long as your Card account remains current.

      FOOTNOTE: 1. Terms and Conditions of American Express Membership Rewards Program apply.


Find out what's on offer from American Express Gold Business Card.

    • Annual Fee - With just HK$980 per year, enjoy the benefits and rewards from The Gold Business Card (includes 1 Basic Cardmember and 3 Supplementary Cardmembers).

      FOOTNOTE: 2.An annual program fee of HK$240 will apply upon enrolment of the Turbo Program. Double points are applicable to the first HK$160,000 spent for each program year. From HK$160,001 and onwards, each HK$1 spent will entitle you to 1 Membership Rewards point. Cardmembers may opt-out the Membership Rewards Turbo Program by calling the number printed on the back of your Amex Card or 2277 1188  and enroll in the free Membership Rewards Basic program which gives 1 point for every HK$1 spent and points can be used to redeem Non-Frequent Traveler Rewards only. Terms and Conditions of American Express Membership Rewards Program apply.
    • Enroll in the Membership Rewards® Turbo program, every HK$1 you spend gets you 2 points2 and 15 points can be converted to 1 air mile with an  administration fee3.

      FOOTNOTE: 3.An administration fee will apply to each air mile conversion: 120,000 points or below costs HK$100; 120,001 points to 180,000 points costs HK$150, and 180,001 points and above costs HK$200. Terms and Conditions of American Express Membership Rewards Program apply.

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