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Support and Protection

Complimentary support and protection for your business.

Business Concierge

Whether you need legal advice, pre-travel information regarding inoculations and visas, or simply wish to find convenient business services, including translations and conferencing facilities, call 2277 1188 and our concierge staff are here to help.

Roadside Assistance

Our Roadside Assistance delivers help 24 hours a day. In the event of your car breakdown, we arrive within an hour and in most cases, we get you back on the road. In case where your car needs to be towed, we will arrange for the towing and cover the first HK$750* of towing to your preferred garage. To get help from Roadside Assistance, please call 2277 1188.
*with maximum 2 claims per year

Travel Insurance

When scheduled common carrier travel tickets are charged to the American Express Gold Business Card, a suite of travel insurance benefits is automatically activated which provides coverage* for your business trip from departure until your return:

Item BenefitsBenefit Amount (max.)Covered Person
Travel Trip Hazard
  • Accidental Death
  • Complete and permanent loss of use of any limb
  • Entire and irrecoverable loss of sight, speech or hearing
  • Permanent disablement lasted for at least 12 months
  • Accident Medical Expenses Extension (Accidental Death or Disability)




Basic Cardmember OR

Supplementary Cardmember OR

Basic or Supplementary Cardmember's Spouse OR

Basic or Supplementary Cardmember's Dependant Children under age 23
Hi-jack Extension
  • After first 24 hours
  • After first 72 hours

Travel Inconvenience
  • Missed Flight Connections
  • Flight Delay > 4 hours
  • Luggage Delay > 6 hours
  • Luggage Lost > 48 hours


*Terms and Conditions apply

Business Insurance

As a Gold Business Cardmember, you and your Supplementary Cardmembers are covered by a business insurance plan* underwritten by ACE Insurance. Enjoy the following valuable benefits courtesy of us:

Item BenefitsBenefit Amount (max.)Covered PersonBeneficiary
1. Accidental Permanent Disability
(Basic Cardmember)
HK$1,000,000Basic CardmemberBasic Cardmember
Accidental Permanent Disability
(Supplementary Cardmember)
HK$500,000Supplementary CardmemberSupplementary Cardmember
2. Replacement Benefit Lump Sum - Minimum BenefitHK$5,000Basic & Supplementary CardmemberEligible Business
Replacement Expenses - Maximum BenefitHK$20,000Basic & Supplementary CardmemberEligible Business
3. Business Overhead Expense Maximum BenefitHK$300,000Basic CardmemberEligible Business
4. Business Closing Expense Benefit Maximum BenefitHK$40,000Basic CardmemberEligible Business

*Terms and Conditions apply
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