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Is a Charge Card right for you?

What is a charge card?

A Charge Card allows you to manage and maximize your cash flow, because it has no pre-set spending limit. For the financially savvy consumer, a Charge Card makes good sense. Because your statement must be paid in full each month, many people find charge helps them control spending.

Purchasing Power

With a Charge Card, you are granted more purchasing power with no pre-set spending limit. While your spending is not unlimited, your purchases are approved based on a variety of factors, including your credit record, payment history, spending pattern and personal resources. Proof of resources and security may be required.

Like many Credit Card products, should you wish to make a purchase that goes beyond your usual spending patterns, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your Card to ensure a seamless experience.

If your spending continues to increase over the months, and your payments and credit record remain in good standing, you can achieve more spending power over time.

Online Expense Management Reports for Small Business Cards

Managing business expenses just got easier with Online Expense Management Reports. These reports offer flexibility in tracking expenses, and can help make financial statement and tax preparation easier.

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