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Carefree holidays for you and your family


Never let unexpected occurrences burden your mind. With our 24/7 worldwide travel cover, the only worry you’ll have is how to enjoy another trip abroad with your loved ones.

Take advantage of our offers curated for you

From January 1 to March 31, 2020, upon enrolling in designated plans below, you can earn up to HK$1,000 city'super Shopping Voucher* per policy:

Cover Type

Individual Plan

Family Plan

Single Trip Plan

HK$100 HK$200

Annual Multi-Trip Plan

HK$500 HK$1,000

* Plan 2 only. Terms and Conditions apply.

Travel at ease with the right plan for you

Whether you're going on a summer vacation, taking a business trip or frequently travelling aboard, you can get the travel insurance coverage you need from us. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between Annual Multi-Trip Plan or Single Trip Plan.

Single Trip Plan

Single Trip Plan


Our Single Trip Plan covers you up to 180 days per trip depending on your travel needs.

Annual Multi-Trip Plan

Annual Multi-Trip Plan


Our Annual Multi-Trip Plan is a 12-month policy covering an unlimited number of journeys.

Here’s a glance of what we cover

Key Features


  • Outbound Travel Alert Coverage
  • No excess for all benefits
  • Medical coverage up to HK$1,200,000 including a maximum of HK$500,000 for follow-up medical expenses
  • Cover Medical Expenses incurs overseas for a pregnancy-related sickness during a Journey
  • No upper age limit for single trip plan's enrollment
  • Personal injury due to dangerous sports, e.g. hot air balloon rides, bungee jumping, winter sports and diving etc., is covered
  • Coverage for accident, medical expenses, trip cancellation and trip curtailment, etc. due to an act of terrorism
  • Coverage for accident, medical expenses, travel delay coverage, etc. due to natural disasters such as typhoon, tsunami and earthquake etc.
  • Coverage for excess or deductible of damage to a rental vehicle caused by an accident

Extra Benefit for Annual Multi-Trip Plan


  • Complimentary Chubb Assistance - China Emergency Card with medical guarantee in appointed hospitals in China

Upgradable Benefits - Annual Multi-Trip Plan (Plan 2)


  • Upgradable for medical cover, up to HK$3,200,000
  • Upgradable for trip cancellation and curtailment cover, up to HK$100,000

Take a look at the key benefit levels

We're here to provide you with clear facts about the benefits and options, so that you can choose the travel insurance cover that matches your trip. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between Plan 1 and Plan 2.

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Note: This FAQ is not a contract of insurance. Accordingly, the information contained herein should be read and construed in the light of, and subject to, all terms and conditions of the policy.

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The above information is intended for information only. Please refer to the policy wordings (Single Trip Plan / Annual Multi-Trip Plan) for the exact terms and conditions.


This plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Hong Kong Limited ("Chubb"). Chubb is authorized and regulated by the Insurance Authority of the Hong Kong SAR and is solely responsible for all coverage and compensation under the policy.


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