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American Express Selects is a well-known global platform aimed at driving sustainable incremental business toward participating Merchants. It also offers a high profile way to promote our Merchants in the dining, shopping and lifestyle (i.e. health, travel and leisure) sectors.

As Selects programs are applicable to all American Express Cardmembers, including local and overseas American Express issued and partner bank issued Cards, they provide a valuable showcase for millions of our Cardmembers around the world, with offers that will not only attract new customers but also build loyalty among existing ones. In addition, Merchants’ offers receive extensive communication exposure and promotional support including from the press, magazines, booklets and online media.

In our experience, make our Cardmembers an offer they can’t resist and, chances are, they won’t. To see how your Selects offer could appear, take a look at some of the offers from our current Merchants.

To find out more about Selects in your industry, click on the corresponding link below:
Selects – Dining
Selects – Shopping
Selects – Lifestyle

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