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As part of our commitment to data security, American Express requires that all of our Merchants and Service Providers and their Covered Parties:

      • Store Cardmember information only to facilitate Card transactions as described in their agreement with         American Express
      • Comply with the current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Covered Parties include Merchants’:

      • Employees
      • Agents
      • Representatives
      • Subcontractors
      • Processors
      • Service Providers

Covered Parties also include providers of its Point-of-Sale equipment, systems or payment processing solutions, as well as any other party to whom a merchant may provide access to Cardmember information in accordance with its Card Acceptance Agreement.

View the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

List of Assessors
The PCI Security Standards Council is responsible for the Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) program. This program allows organisations that have been qualified by the Council to have their certified employees assess a Merchant’s compliance to the PCI DSS standard.

Click here to find a QSA

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