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One of the advantages of American Express is the range of Cards available that we offer our Cardmembers, with fabulous rewards which encourage frequent use and greater spending on the Card.

The different types of Cards that are supported on the American Express Network include:

Personal Cards

     •   Designed to meet the needs of a diverse population of Cardmembers
     •   Examples include: The Centurion® , The Platinum Card® , American Express® Platinum Credit Card,          The American Express® Card, The American Express® Gold Card and The American Express® Gold          Credit Card

Business Cards

     •   Aimed at small business owners for the ease and convenience to pay for major business expenses, the
         transaction value is 5 times higher than personal cards
     •   Examples include: The American Express® Business Card and The American Express® Gold Business          Card

Co-branded Cards

     •   Expand the American Express network through key strategic partnerships
     •   Examples include: The American Express® Cathay Pacific Elite Credit Card, The American Express®
         Cathay Pacific Credit Card, American Express® Peninsula Gold Card and American Express®          Peninsula Platinum Card

Partner bank-issued Cards

     •   Encourage a larger membership base by networking through the market’s 4 card issuing partners in
         Hong Kong
     •   Examples include: The DBS Black Card, Standard Chartered American Express Card, AEON Privilege
         American Express Credit Card and Citibank Cash Back American Express® Card

Corporate Cards

     •   Providing a range of tailored expense management solutions designed to help our Corporate clients to
         maintain control of their Corporate expenses and maximize their savings
     •   Examples include: The American Express® Corporate Card and The American Express® Cathay          Pacific Corporate Card

Affinity Cards

     •   Encourages loyalty through association with 30 professional groups, including CPA Australia Hong          Kong, Hong Kong Securities Institute, Hong Kong Dental Association, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors          and Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries

In summary, American Express Cards cater to a broad range of Cardmembers with different spending patterns. Our loyalty programs help to retain current members and expand our Cardmembers’ base, whilst encouraging greater levels of purchasing. By accepting American Express Cards, you’ll have access to these people and organisations as your potential customers.

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