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We do share one thing, though. Our Insights.

The difference between American Express and all other Hong Kong card issuers is that we handle everything ourselves. We’re the only company that does everything from issuing our Cardmembers with their Cards, to processing their transactions.

We call this our closed loop. Others might call it our competitive advantage, because it puts a wealth of information at our disposal about how our Cardmembers spend.

As well as raw transactional data, our closed loop enables us to make available valuable Insights1 about our Cardmembers' spending behaviour, the Cards they carry and where and how much they spend. Such information can be invaluable when for example, you’re making offers on American Express Selects®, or targeting Cardmembers for Marketing campaigns.

Access to Geodemographic Data Reports

Understanding the area you operate in can help you to target your customers. Knowing the types of people who live there, the kinds of jobs they work in, as well as their family compositions and household income, can all put you ahead of your competitors.

As an American Express Merchant, you can access this information with our Geodemographic Data reports, produced in conjunction with Experian.

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Want to do more business?

Being an American Express Merchant, you’ll be ideally placed to do more business with customers who have high spending power.

Need to know more?

Contact our Merchant Services Hotline now.

(1) A fee may apply depending on the insights provided.