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Card fraud is a serious issue for any business and it’s something we take very seriously.

If your business starts accepting American Express® Cards, it’s good to know that that we take a proactive approach and try to detect fraudulent activity before it even gets that far. For example, it’s reassuring for both our Cardmembers and our Merchants to know that we routinely contact a Cardmember if we spot any activity on their Account that we consider unusual.

However, our Merchants can help us to prevent fraudulent transactions from even getting that far by checking Card faces for anything unusual. Here’s a guide of what to look out for when checking Cards:

        “AMEX” should be visible under UV light.

     1.   All American Express account numbers are embossed and starts with “37” or “34”.
     2.   Check account numbers are embossed (15 digits) with no alterations.
     3.   Check 4 digit Card Identification Number (CID) is hot stamped and cannot be scratched off.
     4.   Compare name embossed with presenter. Cards are not transferable.
     5.   Check member since date is embossed and compare age of presenter.
     6.   Check expiry date is embossed and card is valid.
     7.   Check clarity of Centurion similar to U.S. currency. Phosphorescence of Centurion portrait            and words “AMEX” visible under UV light.
     8.   Some cards have a hologram of the American Express image embedded into the magnetic            stripe.
     9.   Check printed account number on sales receipt matches the embossed front number of            card.
     10. Compare signature with the sales receipt. If card presented is unsigned, request for photo            ID with signature and request customer to sign card and sales receipt while you hold the ID.

Download our Guide To Checking Card Faces.


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