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It’s easy doing business with American Express.

When dealing with any of our partners who accept American Express, we believe keeping it simple is the best approach. This section contains basic information you’ll need once you have set up an American Express Merchant Account.

Many businesses manage their American Express Accounts right here online.

When you sign up for an American Express Merchant Account, you have the option of managing your Account online.

Why use our Online Merchant Services (OMS)?

When you use OMS, you'll find everything you need to manage your Account in one place, making the process quicker and easier.

In addition, it’s:

  • Convenient: enjoy instant, secure access to your Account, wherever you are in the world - with 13 months’ worth of transactions and dispute history.
  • Efficient: view your transactions and payments from the last 35 days, 48 hours before they are credited to your Account. You can also track and receive new disputes and Chargeback notifications for faster resolution.
  • Flexible: export and download financial information directly to your PC, and use popular spreadsheet applications to analyze your data.

Our Cards and Travellers’ Cheques.
How to handle them.

When you sign up for an American Express Merchant Account, you’ll be able to process transactions in one of two ways: by Card or American Express Travellers’ Cheques.

Accepting our Cards.

     •  The best way to handle our Cards is electronically. You get fast and efficient authorization and
         electronic submissions to speed up our payments to you.
     •  Most electronic card acceptance products can process American Express, so contact your terminal or
         solution provider to check whether our Card can be accepted at your business.
     •  The same thing goes for 'Card not present' transactions. If you accept orders by phone, by mail or
         online, American Express® Cards can also be accepted.

Accepting American Express Travellers’ Cheques.

It’s easy to accept our Travellers’ Cheques, and it's also good for business, since many tourists insist on using them.

You won’t need to sign a contract, or pay any charges to American Express (just your normal cheque deposit charge to your bank). Our Travellers’ Cheques clear in the same amount of time as normal cheques. Provided you follow some straightforward security procedures, you’ll get paid for any American Express Travellers’ Cheque that you accept.

We'll pay the net amount we owe you. We arrive at this amount by deducting the Discount Rate on each transaction, prior to settlement, rather than asking for payment at the end of the month. We may also offset any adjustments to your account, such as credits, refunds or Chargebacks.

When we'll pay you. We'll pay most Merchants within three business days from the date we receive the charges. This will depend on your Merchant Payment Plan.

When will you need to pay us? There may be times when your account is in debit. Reasons for this may include refunds you made to Cardmembers, outstanding fees, or a Chargeback debited to your account after a Cardmember dispute.

How to settle any money you owe us? If you submit monthly transactions to American Express, we’ll deduct what you owe us from the next payment(s) we make to your business. If we consider those payments are not sufficient to liquidate the outstanding amount, we’ll contact you to make other arrangements.

Download our Guide to Payments and Reconciliation to receive further guidance on how our payment system works, or view our Card Acceptance Terms and Conditions.

American Express with Apple Pay

We're excited to announce that with American Express contactless-enabled terminal, your customers can now pay with Apple Pay using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

  • Fast and Simple - customers can now pay faster and more easily at point of sale.
  • Safe - Apple Pay transactions are as secure as physical Card transactions.
  • No additional fees - one flat rate for all American Express transactions, without any extra fees.

Want to know more about Apple Pay?

Click here or visit the Merchant FAQs.

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