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You can now shop online with complete peace of mind. With American Express Online Fraud Protection Guarantee, it's absolutely carefree as you won't be held responsible for any unauthorised charges made online with the Card. Act now!

Featured Online Shops was established in Nov 1, 2001, as another quality service by Providing our worldwide users the newest, fastest and most selections of Audio/Visual and computer software. is one of the biggest Audio/Visual and computer software distribution network. We have large collections in different categories and will be increased everyday. is the one-stop shopping solutions for DVD, VCD, CD, games and software.

The Wicker Express Limited

The Wicker Express has been committed to providing a flower and gift delivery service which combines good taste, value for money and reliable service. We consider our flower arrangements and gift baskets to be our customers' ambassadors of goodwill. Our mission is to give genuine and lasting pleasure to that special person who receives a Wicker Express flower arrangement or gift basket.

Honey B sources its products from suppliers with the highest quality, craftsmanship and beautiful designs from all over the world. The products range from baby to junior's furniture, beddings and bathing goods, clothings, gifts and accessories. Honey B carries several well-known brand names including Kosuga, Nishikawa, Mini K and Pom Ponette. One of the most popular lines for bed and bath goods is "Peter Rabbit" which is the best seller at Honey B.

Berry Bros & Rudd Fine Wine Club

Established in London in 1698, Berry Bros & Rudd has for several generations served both the British royal family and international celebrities with its extensive selection of fine and every day wine. Its Fine Wine Club in Hong Kong offers a full range of services including wine investments, specialist wine search, wine broking, wine courses, wine tasting as well as organizing corporate events. The Berry's website has been rated by International Wine Challenge as the "Website of the Year"

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