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Frequent Traveler Rewards

Membership Rewards Turbo program enrollees can double their Membership Rewards points1 when spending on the Card2, turning it into a passport to travel anywhere in the world for FREE faster and easier. Enjoy one of the best conversion rates in town and select from our biggest offering of airline and hotel partners

  1. Double points are applicable to the first HK$160,000 spent during every 12-month Membership Rewards Turbo program period. From HK$160,001 and onwards, every HK$1 spent is entitled to 1 point.
  2. There are a few types of billed charges that are not entitled to any points. Please refer to FAQ - About Earning Points section for details.

Participating Frequent Flyer Programs

Program Redeem round-trip Air ticket reward starts at Enquiry hotline Website

15,000 miles HK to Taipei (852) 2747 3838

80,000 avios HK to London (852) 3002 1208
35,000 miles HK to Kaohsiung (852) 2843 9800
35,000 miles HK to Kuala Lumpur (852) 2916 0088
150,000 miles HK to London (852) 2117 1238

20,000 miles HK to Bangkok (852) 2801 8777

60,000 miles HK to London (852) 2532 6060

30,000 miles HK to Singapore (65) 6789 8188

Participating Frequent Guest Programs

Program Every 8,000 Membership Rewards
points equals to
Enquiry hotline Website
HHonors points
(852) 2317 3300

How to Transfer Points?

Transferring points to a participating Frequent Flyer Program or Frequent Guest Program is easy.
  1. Firstly, you need to register your Frequent Flyer or Frequent Guest Program membership account number and name with us by calling 2277 2150.
  2. Then, you can place your transfer request online or by calling 2277 2150.
  3. Please remember to have your Frequent Flyer or Frequent Guest Program membership account details with you before placing the transfer request with us.
  4. The minimum points required to transfer to a participating Frequent Flyer Program are 15,000 points and then in multiples of 7,500 points in the same transfer.
  5. It normally takes around 7 - 10 days to process your request.

Important Notice
  1. Membership Rewards points can only be transferred to a partner program account of the same Basic Cardmemeber.
  2. For transferring points to British Airways Executive Club, Cardmembers must hold an Executive Club Hong Kong memberships.
  3. Once Membership Rewards points have been transferred they cannot be reversed.
  4. An administration fee applies for a point transfer to any participating Frequent Flyer Program . Please refer to the FAQ - About Redeeming Points.
  5. Any Linked Account or Card Account being more than 30 days overdue is not in good standing, redemption or transfer of points will not be processed.
  6. Point transfers are subject to American Express Membership Rewards Terms & Conditions.
  7. In case of any dispute, American Express International, Inc. reserves the right of final decision.