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“A bus, a jostling crowd, and a tourist caught in the midst. I didn’t feel a thing, but before I knew it everything was gone. Cash, passports, Travellers Cheques. My carefully planned holiday was in shreds. But with one call, I was back on track. American Express contacted the police, the Embassy and organised replacement cards. They even offered me a cash advance to tide me over. Suddenly everything started to look rosier.”

Call us wherever you are in the world, whatever time, day or night. If you've got a problem we can start to put things right straight away.

Safe and Secure

American Express SafekeySM
Secure online shopping with American Express SafeKey

Fraud Protection

Don’t worry, if the worst should happen, you’re protected against fraudulent use of your account.

Travel Back-up

Our global network means we’re always there for you and your family when you need help or assistance.

Shopping Protection

New purchases are protected under our 45 Days Cover.

Fraud Prevention Important Tips
Treat your card like cash - don't leave it unattended. After each purchase, check that you have your American Express card back. Please protect your wallet and be mindful of pickpockets.  Report any card loss immediately.  Enroll to American Express online services  to check your charges regularly and at your convenience.

Lost or stolen Card?

Simply call us on: 2811 6122