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Chip Card FAQs


1. What is EMV?
EMV is a global security standard for Chip Card technology. With the EMV Smart Chip, your Card is better protected against fraudulent activities.

2. Will this new feature affect the way I use my Card now?
Not at all. Simply present your Chip Card to the merchant sales staff who will insert it into the Chip Card reader instead of swiping it at the point-of-sale terminal. On the other hand, your Chip Card can still be swiped in exactly the same way as you do today.

3. Are Chip Cards more secure than magnetic stripe Cards?
Security is our number one priority so regardless of whether your Card has a chip or not you will be protected by our Fraud Protection Guarantee. This means provided you take reasonable care with your Account details and do not unreasonably delay in notifying us if you notice a charge you don't recognise, you won't be held liable for any fraudulent charges.
For more information on American Express Fraud Prevention click here.

4. Can the Chip Card be used overseas?
Yes, your Chip Card can be used overseas, even in countries where Chip Cards are not prevalent.

5. What must I do with my current magnetic stripe only Card once I receive the new Chip Card?
Please activate your new Card before use. Thereafter, please cut your old Card across the magnetic strip to destroy it to prevent any unauthorized usage.

6. Will my Card number change as I have saved my Card details with several online merchants?
There is no change to your Card number, but your new Chip Card will have a new expiry date and 4-digit security code. Therefore, please update any payment template you have set up.

7. When will my magnetic stripe Card be replaced?
We are rolling out Chip Cards across our American Express Cards in progressive phases between September 2013 and December 2015. You can continue to use your existing magnetic stripe Card as normal before your Chip Card is available.

8. I have multiple American Express Cards and Supplementary Cards. Will they all be replaced at the same time?
We are progressively migrating all of our Cards to Chip Cards. As such, you may not receive all your Chip Cards at the same time.

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