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The American Express
Platinum Currency Card
– enriching your global lifestyle

If you hold money in US dollar or euro currency, prefer to spend and settle in US dollar or euro, or simply travel abroad regularly, an American Express® Card in US dollar or euro can save foreign exchange charges and allow you to access your funds. Please click here to view examples of people who could benefit from a US dollar or euro Charge Card.
Who is this card for?
If you have an active and mobile lifestyle, an American Express US dollar or euro Charge Card can provide benefits to meet your needs.
Jeremy is an expat currently working in London. Paid in US dollars he uses his US Dollar Card to draw on his bank account in the same currency.
Louise regularly travels to Europe on business. Her Euro Charge Card is a convenient way to pay for things while she is there.
David’s small business trades with the US. Required to pay his bills in US dollars, his Company Dollar Card provides substantial savings on foreign exchange charges.
Having purchased a second home in Spain, Angela uses her Euro Charge Card to pay costs such as the utility bill and gardener. Both charged in euros the Card saves her money on foreign exchange charges.
Whilst working in Washington, Peter received bonuses in US dollars. Now back in England he still holds these funds in a US dollar account. He uses his US Dollar Card to access these funds to pay for a holiday abroad each year.
Jane has a holiday home in Spain and splits her time between the UK and Spain. She uses her Euro card to pay for things whilst she's in Spain, it allows her to save money on foreign exchange charges.
Q. I'm an Expat living and working in the US. Can I still apply for an American Express international dollar card?
A. NO - American Express International Currency Cards are not offered to US residents. We suggest you consider applying for a US issued product, which American Express offers via its US based business centres (TRSCO). For more information, you can visit our US website at
Q. I'm an Expat living in Paris; I would like my bills to be sent to my home in Paris? Can I apply for the Euro card?
A. YES - On the application form you will find an option to tick where you would like your bills to be sent to, please tick the appropriate box.
Q. I've just moved to Spain, I'm still learning Spanish and for the moment I need a card which is serviced in English. Can I apply for a Euro Card?
A. YES - Our cards are serviced in English from the UK.
Q. I frequently travel to the US on business, when I buy goods by phone or internet, suppliers insist on a card with the US billing address. Can I have a US dollar card billed to my work address in the US?
A. NO - Unfortunately we are not able to house personal US address’s on a product that is not a US domestic product. This is due to the strict regulatory framework within the US, which protects competition within the states and ensures that internationally American Express operates in a fair and compliant way.
Q. I invest money offshore in US dollars. Can I use the American Express Card to access my money offshore?
A. Yes - Your card can be paid directly from your offshore bank account saving you foreign exchange charges.
Q. I frequently travel on business to the US and Europe, can I apply for a card in US Dollars and Euros?
A. Yes - Please clearly highlight that you require cards both in US dollars and euros on the application form.
Membership Rewards is our award winning programme. One of the most generous schemes in the world, you will earn one point for virtually every US dollar or euro that you spend, what's more points never expire so it won't be long before your points start adding up. Points can be redeemed for a unique range of rewards including free flights, hotels, car hire and exciting new merchandise.
International Currency Cards offer both personal and business solutions for foreign exchange charges. Our cards put you in control, offer great financial flexibility and provide support with dedicated service teams 24/7. What's more there's a range of Award winning benefits available to suit your international lifestyle.
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American Express International US Dollar Cards and Euro Cards are serviced in English.
Please note, they are not offered in the USA to USA residents. Visit our USA website. US Dollar Cards are also issued from Latin America and the Caribbean.
We are unable to accept applications through this site from people whose main residence or payment bank is in Singapore. If your main residence is in Singapore or your payment bank is in Singapore and you are interested in applying for an International Currency Card, please contact Customer Services.
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