The American Express® Green Business Card

The American Express® Green Business Card allows smart and savvy businesses to optimise transactions in foreign currency and keep a healthy cash flow.

Summary of benefits:

  • Optimised foreign exchange transactions
  • Simplified expense management
  • Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Benefits1
  • Financial flexibility with no pre-set spending limit3
The annual fee for the American Express Green Business Card is US$/€100. One Complimentary Supplementary Card is included and additional Supplementary Cards are available at US$/€50 each to ensure that your colleagues are all billed in the most appropriate currency.

With American Express Membership Rewards® Programme, you will receive one point4 for virtually every full US dollar or euro you spend on your Green Business Dollar Card or your Green Business Euro Card. Points can be used to redeem for a unique range of rewards including flights, hotel accommodation, car hire and incentive gifts for employees or luxury thank you gifts for your most valued customers. Enrolment in Membership Rewards is complimentary for the first year and US$/€36 every year thereafter.

Global Assistance
You can be assured that if the unexpected happens and you need legal or medical help, a single call to a 24-hour emergency helpline will provide you with the information you need. So, if you damage your laptop whilst in a restaurant in New York or fall ill while on a business trip in Brussels, you can be sure of practical advice and support.

Should you lose your Card, an Emergency Replacement Card can be delivered to you in as little as 48 hours.
Control the Cost of Foreign Exchange
You can make substantial savings on foreign exchange charges when you spend and settle your bills in US dollar or euro. For example if you make regular business trips to Italy, you can use the Green Business Euro Card to pay for the hotel, car hire and corporate expenses and then settle your bill in euro and pay no foreign exchange charges.

Financial Flexibility
With the Green Business Card there is no pre-set spending limit3. You can therefore spend as much as you have shown us you can afford. We may also authorise additional funds by phone should you need to make an exceptional purchase of any kind. This flexibility allows you to manage your cash flow more effectively, giving you more control.

Optimised Expense Management
All Cards on your account are charged to one bill, ensuring you can see what is being charged and by whom, making it easy to keep track of all expenses.
Travel Accident Benefit
You can plan your business trip with complete piece of mind when you charge your scheduled travel ticket to your American Express Business Card, thanks to a Travel Accident Benefit1 of up to US$/€100,000.

Travel Inconvenience Benefit
You will also automatically benefit from our Travel Inconvenience Insurance Benefits1 when you pay for flight tickets with your American Express Business Card. There is also a 24 hour Global Assist Service which will be able to support you in the event of any missed connections, delays and lost or delayed luggage.
In order to help us process your application as quickly and smoothly as possible; please ensure you meet the following criteria;
  • You are at least 18 years of age and your Business must be registered outside the USA and Singapore.
  • We are unable to accept applications through this site from people whose main residence or payment bank is in Singapore. If your main residence is in Singapore or your payment bank is in Singapore and you are interested in applying for an International Currency Card, please contact Customer Services.
  • Have your National ID Card or Passport at hand. You will need to send a certified copy of your identity document to us as part of the application process.
  • Please attach a valid and certified true copy of business verification document
    • E.g. certificate of incorporation or partnership deed as well as company address verification
    • Please note the only exception to this rule are applicants who bank with their employer in the UK which can be verified through Companies House.
  • You have a valid and certified true copy of each Director's passport or identity Card.
  • You have a valid and certified true copy of each Beneficial Owner's passport or identify card.
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Thank you for your decision to apply for an American Express Business Green International Currency Charge Card. An American Express International Currency Card is unlike any other card, even other American Express cards, since we accept international applications. As a result, the application process may be different than what you may be used to in your local market.

Please note, the Business Green International Currency Card is not available to people whose main residence or payment bank is in Singapore.

In order to help us process your application as quickly and smoothly as possible; please ensure you meet the following criteria;

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