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How it works All charges are converted to and billed in the currency you choose, either US dollar or euro. This offers you much more control over the cost of foreign exchange
For example, you can use an International Currency Card to take advantage of funds you already hold in US dollar or euro. This way, you can reduce the number of foreign exchange conversions you incur, particularly if you spend in your chosen currency as well.
In addition, when you use a card issued in your local currency to buy something in US dollar or euro, you are subject to the exchange rate in effect when you make the purchase. If that exchange rate is not favourable, the foreign exchange costs could add up.
With an International Currency Card, you can convert funds when exchange rates are most favourable and hold them in a US dollar or euro bank account. You could then use these funds to pay for purchases you make with your International Currency Card. Time it right to give yourself the best return for your money.
Either way, if you frequently spend in US dollar or euro, you could be saving on potential foreign exchange charges. You can also expect to receive the high level of service for which American Express is known as well as other added benefits that come with our Cards.
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American Express International US Dollar Cards and Euro Cards are serviced in English.
Please note, they are not offered in the USA or to USA residents. Visit our USA website. US Dollar Cards are also issued from Latin America and the Caribbean.
We are unable to accept applications through this site from people whose main residence or payment bank is in Singapore. If your main residence is in Singapore or your payment bank is in Singapore and you are interested in applying for an International Currency Card, please contact Customer Services.
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