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Why American Express

When American Express Cardmembers walk through your door, you'll find yourself welcoming customers with high spending power. Join our merchant network today and discover the business benefits of accepting American Express Cards, giving you even more opportunities to grow your business.

Higher Spending Power

When you welcome American Express Cards, it is an investment in attracting customers with greater spending power. Globally, the average American Express Cardmember spends up to 4 to 5 times more than other Cardmembers from competitive networks.*

By accepting our cards, you are also practically opening your business to some of the highest spenders and earners including Corporate Cardmembers who are often mandated to use their Card for work related expenses.

Grow your Business Globally

Opening a merchant account with American Express gives you instant access to 117.8 million Cardmembers around the world, including Corporate Cardmembers. By aligning your business with a global trusted brand, you give your customers the confidence to spend more with you.

Greater Loyalty

In an age when people change credit cards as readily as mobile devices, you may be interested to learn that American Express Cardmembers globally are extraordinarily loyal to their Cards. This is beneficial to you, because it means they’re more likely to bring their extra spending power to your business.

Plus, accepting American Express Cards allow you access to our most loyal Cardmembers enrolled on to our Membership Rewards® program which promotes spend centric loyalty at our merchant partners.

Experience the benefits of welcoming American Express Cards. Find out more here.

*Source: Company reports, 2013 data based upon four quarters ended December 2013.


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