What is 24x7 roadside assistance and why do we need it? 



Imagine this. Your entire family is decked out to attend a wedding reception, and you are driving out to the farmhouse, resplendent and excited. The car screeches to a halt on the highway, and the driver informs you that he is unable to start the engine and it is already past 8 p.m. This is precisely the situation where you would need a roadside assistance service. Having a roadside assistance service at your fingertips can change the outcome of such probable scenarios from despair to hope. 



All you need to do is make a call to the helpline, and a team of experts will be at the site, ready to transport you safely and fix whatever needs fixing. Automobile insurance schemes offer 24 hours roadside assistance, as do premium credit cards as a complimentary benefit. Let’s read on to see why car roadside assistance is a valuable add-on that all modern families need.   

What is Roadside Assistance and What does it Cover 


A car journey can be stalled for many reasons, ranging from a dead battery to running out of fuel. The best roadside assistance services will primarily cover all services that will fix any issue with your
car or tow you away to the nearest service station where you can get help. These typically include:


Towaway service


In case of a breakdown or accident, call the 24x7 roadside assistance provider at once. Qualified mechanics or experts will help you fix minor repairs. If you are unable to resolve the problem, then a team will tow your car to the nearest repair station. In case you want your vehicle to be towed to a more reputed place further away, then you could do so at an additional charge.  


Unlocking service


Screaming kids or stressful phone calls are just some of the many reasons why we don’t pay attention when we leave our car, and very often leave our keys dangling inside. Right after you smite your forehead, you can call the roadside assistance that you have opted for. The expert will come over and unlock your door in no time. 


Tire replacement service


In the eventuality of a tire bursting right in the middle of a journey, a service professional will be sent to your location to change the tire speedily and have you on your way again. Please note that while the service is for free, you may have to pay for the new tire if you don’t have a spare. 


Battery jumpstarting service


How many times does one leave the headlights on in the basement parking area of the mall? Only to find that the battery has drained out and you are unable to start the car. Now, all you need to do is call your roadside assistance provider and have them send an expert to restart your vehicle for you. In the event of it being an electric car, they may elect to have it towed away and alternate transportation arranged for you.


Emergency fuel and motor fluids service 


A busy life can overwhelm even the best planning, and you may run out of fuel just before an important meeting or in the middle of a road-trip with the kids in the backseat. Call    the road assistance helpline and have them swing by with the fuel or other engine fluids as needed. The service is for free, but you pay for the fuel.


Alternate transport/accommodation service


Your car may promptly get towed away, but you may still need transport to your destination. Or even a hotel arrangement if you are on a road trip and will need to wait for your car to proceed. The icing on the 24x7 roadside assistance service is that many plans, like the Amex roadside assistance, entitle you to hotel reservations, car rentals, or alternate transportation.

Benefits of 24x7 Roadside Assistance in India


The primary benefit of having a roadside assistance service in place is peace of mind. Every second is accounted for with our modern, on-the-go personal and professional schedules. Being stuck in between an urgent commute with a flat tire, or stranded without fuel on a highway, are all stressful options. Having a prompt service come to your aid is especially desirable if your child or any loved one is using one of the cars. Knowing they are safe and taken care of means a more productive day for you.


The other benefit is that knowing that your lovely sedan is in the hands of experts, in an emergency, is priceless. And emergencies never come with a warning. It helps to be prepared with an attentive service that will ensure that not only do you avoid steep out-of-pocket repairs but will ensure your automobile receives professional attention rather than the nearest local repair guy. 


Having the best roadside assistance service available will help you confidently charter road trips and commutes. Some major automobile companies like Hyundai provide complimentary assistance for some time. You may also choose it as an option in your automobile insurance – this particularly makes sense if your automobile has seen enough miles and has a larger probability of breaking down.


However, credit card companies like American Express provide this for you as a completely complimentary service on select cards. Just by being a valued Amex customer of these premium cards, you can access a 24x7 helpline where qualified mechanics and service advisors will help you through your challenge. If you are not able or willing to resolve it over the call, you are entitled to a roadside repair, towing service, vehicle recovery service. If the car needs to be at the service station longer, then you can opt for the transport, car rental, or accommodation arranged by the Amex team.

To avail of any of these services, please call Global Assist Helpline at 022-42320243* (International SOS).