Credit Card Eligibility Checker



Want to apply for an American Express® Credit Card? First, check your eligibility with our pre-application form.




Apply for a Credit Card with confidence


A rejected Credit Card application could impact your credit score. Our pre-application eligibility checker shows your likelihood of being approved before you submit an official application.  


Protect your credit score


We run this pre-application check with Experian. It will not affect your credit score; in fact, it could protect it.


It only takes 30 seconds


With just a few fields to fill in, our Credit Card eligibility checker form is quick and easy to complete. 


Credit Card eligibility


Our pre-application check helps you determine whether you’re eligible for a Credit Card before you apply, allowing you to submit a Card application with confidence. Here’s how the process works…



Checking your Credit Card eligibility


Fill out our simple eligibility checker form; enter a few personal details and you’re done.


We’ve partnered with Experian who will carry out a ‘soft check’ on your credit file – it won’t leave a mark on your score, but it will inform us of your eligibility.


Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be shown a page letting you know whether your pre-qualification has been approved, denied or is pending.


Applying for a Credit Card


If you go on to apply for a Credit Card, bear in mind there are a number of factors that could affect your application approval. So read up on specific Card eligibility requirements beforehand. These might include:


  • Age

  • Residency

  • Employment and income

  • Credit history


How to check your eligibility to get a Credit Card


Find out now whether you qualify for a Credit Card. Our pre-application form takes just 30 seconds to complete.


Check my eligibility for a Credit Card


Step 1: Enter three simple details: your full name, email address and telephone number.

Step 2: Read the terms to provide your consent and click ‘Verify & Check Eligibility’.

Step 3: Wait to be redirected and find out whether you are eligible.

Step 4: If your pre-qualification is approved, you will be redirected to the American Express® Cards page, where you can apply for a card of your choice. You may also be contacted by a member of our team to ask you a few more questions.