Credit Card Interest Rate and APR

APR and Interest Rates can be confusing. If you’re not sure how these work, this handy guide will help you understand everything you need to know.

Credit Card Interest Explained

What exactly is a ‘Credit Card minimum repayment’?


Minimum Amount Due is the minimum amount that you need to pay to your credit card issuer by the payment due date to keep your account regular and avoid incurring any late payment fees and/or adversely impacting your credit score.

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Credit and Charge Cards Explained


Has talk of interest, annual fees, rates and percentages left you feeling confused?

Our simple Credit and Charge Card guides are a great place to start.


How Credit Cards and Charge Cards work


What is Credit Limit


Earning Loyalty Points


Earn Air Miles


What is a Charge Card


What Card fees am I expected to pay


How to choose a type of Card



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