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24X7 Premium Assist

Our representatives are available to provide assistance for your Card 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. You can call at the following numbers to speak to a representative.
Gurgaon: 0124-2801100
Toll Free from MTNL & BSNL: 1800 419 1249/ 1800 180 1249

Online Fraud Protection Guarantee

Enjoy Online Fraud Protection Guarantee when you shop online. American Express will not hold you responsible for any unauthorized charges on your Credit Card proven to be fraudulent. You must ensure that any fraudulent transaction noted on your Card is reported immediately or latest by the
due date of payment as per the monthly statement of account.

Zero Lost Card Liability

If your Card is lost or stolen, Zero Lost Card Liability ensures your liability is nil after we
have received a written notice from you about the loss and limited to a maximum of Rs.1,000
before reporting.

Emergency Card Replacement

In case your Card is lost, stolen or damaged, just notify Premium Assist while in India or the
American Express Travel Service Offices or Network Locations if you are travelling overseas.
A Replacement Card will be rushed to you, usually within 2 business days, free of charge,
anywhere in the world.

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