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Buy American Express Travellers Cheques equivalent to US$ 1000 or more and get $ 1000* !

The next time you travel overseas get much more than peace of mind with American Express Travellers Cheques. Purchase American Express Travellers Cheques equivalent to US$ 1000 or more and you stand a chance to get US$ 1000*.

Step 1: Enter the contest
Between December 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006, purchase American Express Travellers Cheques as you would normally do. If your purchase of American Express Travellers Cheques is equivalent to US$ 1000 or more, you are eligible to enter the contest.

Step 2: Answer two simple questions
All you have to do is download the entry form, and answer 2 simple questions.

Step 3: Send it to us
Fax your completed entry form, along with a copy of your sales receipt to the toll free fax number: 1800-22-0076. However, we must receive your entry form on or before January 10, 2007 and before you leave India!

Entering the contest itself entitles you to a FREE gift. You can choose from travel pouches or passport holders, delivered free!
Passport Holder Travel Pouch (Gifts indicated are exclusive of accessories) 

8 lucky winners will be chosen at the end of the promotion, from among the correct entries on the basis of a random draw. Each winner will receive an amount equivalent of US$ 1000* in Indian Rupees! So send in your entry forms today..

Why carry American Express Travellers Cheques?
Unlike other travel payment options, only American Express Travellers Cheques support you with an unmatched global refund network of over 200,000 locations ensuring replacement* of lost travellers cheques within 24 hours, a service perfected over 115 years of understanding globetrotters.

That is not all, you can encash your cheques fee-free at over 84,000 locations or simply use them at shops and hotels around the world, and they are valid for life. Reason enough for smart travellers to carry American Express Travellers Cheques whenever they leave home.

Please go through our terms and conditions before submitting your entry form.

* Conditions apply

Contest entry form
(PDF: 368 KB / 1 page)