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Corporations FAQs

How to read my statement?
Click here to know more on your statements.

Am I able to view my Corporate Card Account balance and transactions online ?
You can view you Card account transactions online by enrolling your Card in Online Services. Registration for this service is easy and free.

Can I update my Corporate Card billing address online?
Yes, Corporate Cardmembers that are not centrally billed are able to change their billing addresses online via Online Services. Card members that are centrally billed should contact their programme administrator to change their billing details.

I have forgotten my Online Services password. Can I reset this online?
Yes, Online Services provides the facilty for you to reset your password online. Look for the 'Forgotten Your Password' button on the Online Services login page.

Am I able to check that my Corporate Card payment has been processed online?
Yes, you can check that your Card payment has been processed online via Online Services. Registration is easy and free.