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American Express Personal Card FAQs


Apply for the American Express® Card

Where do I contact American Express?

How do I apply for the American Express Card online?

What Cards do you currently offer in India?

How long does it take to obtain an American Express Card?

Do you offer Additional Cards on accounts?

How do I add an Additional or Supplementary cardholder to my account?

Do I need to submit two separate documents for proof of identity and proof of address?

Do I need to submit a proof of current address for applying for a credit card?

Is there any relaxation to apply for a Credit Card without officially valid documents?

What is the time interval for periodic updation of KYC?

Report Lost, Stolen or Damaged Card

How do I report a lost, stolen or damage Card?

Online Services

What type of services do you provide in your online services?

How do I register for an online services account?

Card Statement

How should I accurately read my statement?

Can I request for a reprint of previous Card statements?

How is interest charge calculated on my statement?

Where can I see my recent unbilled charges Online?

How do I switch off paper statements?

Will I be able to view Online Statements if my account is cancelled?

Credit Limit

What is the credit limit on my Credit Card?

Can I increase my credit limit?

How do I revise my permanent credit limit?

Membership Rewards®

How do I check my Membership RewardsTM point balance online?

Cash Withdrawal

Can I obtain cash using the Card?

How do I locate the nearest ATM to withdraw Cash?

Disputes Related

Will I be required to pay for the disputed charge?

What is the timeframe within which a charge can be disputed?

Will I get an acknowledgement that my dispute/claim is taken?

How I will come to know that the dispute is resolved?

Should I pursue with the merchant as well after raising a dispute with you?

Do I require documentation to set up a dispute?