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Q1. I used to get King Miles on my spending, now what will I get?
  With effect from April 27, 2012 all your future spending on the American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card will earn you Membership Rewards Points. What this means is that you can redeem your Rewards Points for King Miles as and when you want. As a member of the Membership Rewards Programme you also have the flexibility and choice to redeem your Points for hundreds of Rewards offered by The American Express Membership Rewards Programme.
Q2. At what rate will I earn these Rewards Points?
  Your earn rate stays unchanged. You will earn 1 Membership Rewards Point for every Rs. 40 spent on the Card. For transfer to King Miles, 1 Membership Rewards Point will earn you 1 King Mile.
Q3. What can I do with these Rewards Points?
  The American Express Membership Rewards Programme is one of the most powerful rewards programme in the country. You can redeem the Membership Rewards Points from over 600 options including stays at luxurious hotels, travel aboard international airlines, shopping vouchers
and electronics.
Q4. Can I use these Points for travel?
  You can continue to redeem these Points for travel aboard Kingfisher Airlines. One Rewards Point can be converted to One King Mile. Once converted please contact Kingfisher Airlines as earlier, for redemption of Miles/ booking of tickets. In addition you can also redeem for travel aboard international airlines. However please note this excludes redemption on other domestic airlines including Jet airways and Air India.
Q5. Where can I see these redemption choices?
  You can view all the details on the website at
To redeem you will be required to call us at the number on the back of your Card. At t his time you would not be able to redeem online, until we further notify you.
Q6. Will my Points expire?
  As you are part of the highest tier of the Membership Rewards Programme, your points do not expire.
Q7. What happens to my Credit Limit on the Card?
  There is no change on the Credit Limit on your American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card.
Q8. What about the finance charges (interest rate) on my Card?
  There is no change to the finance charges on the Card.
Q9. What happens to the King Miles I have already earned on my Card?
  Your King Miles has already been automatically transferred to your King Club Account as per the Cardmember terms and conditions. Please note that King Miles already accrued and credited
to your King Club Account will continue to be governed by King Club terms and conditions of
Kingfisher Airlines.
Q10. For how long will this change of getting Membership Rewards Points on all spending in place of King Miles be valid?
  As of now this change has been made to protect the interest of our Cardmember. Any further changes going forward shall be notified to you appropriately.
Q11. What about the other benefits that I got on my Card like Gold Tier Membership of King Club of Kingfisher Airlines & spend based free tickets?
  There is no change on the other benefits that are provided by Kingfisher Airlines on the Card. You will continue to enjoy the spend based tickets and other benefits on the Card.