1.The Apple iPhone American Express EMI Offer is valid only on select American Express Credit Cards issued in India which are in good standing.

2.The Credit Cardmember can exercise their option for converting the charges for the following five models of Apple iPhone under EMI offer only at the point of sale in Apple iPhone Stores for tenure of 6 months only.

3.To avail this EMI option Credit Cardmember has to make two swipes on the relevant EMI terminal: One for the downpayment amount and one for the EMI amount as per the table below. Only the EMI amount will be converted into EMI.

4.American Express is not liable for erroneous swipes done by merchant e.g. Swipe done as regular transaction instead of swiping as EMI transaction or swipe done on other Bank swipe machine or swipe done for the wrong amount other than the EMI amount as per the table below. The Bank is also not responsible for converting such erroneous transactions to EMI transactions at the backend and will entertain no such requests in this regard.

iPhone Model iPhone4 (8GB) iPhone4s (16GB) iPhone5 (16GB) iPhone5 (32GB) iPhone5 (64GB)
MRP (Rs) 26,500 38,500 45,500 52,500 59,500
Amount to be paid in EMI (Rs) 16,510 28,510 28,510 35,510 42,510
Down payment through normal sale (Rs) 9,990 9,990 16,990 16,990 16,990
Monthly EMI – 6 EMI Plan (Rs) 2,752 4,752 4,752 5,918 7,085

5.Interest Rate: There is no monthly interest rate or no processing fee that would be charged to Cardmembers by American Express Bank for this EMI Offer. EMI at no extra cost is being funded by the retailers and/or merchant brand of the product and not by American Express Bank.

6.The Apple iPhone American Express EMI Offer is available on select outlets in India as mentioned on the website.

7.The Apple iPhone American Express EMI Offer is valid upto 30th April, 2014.

8.Detailed Terms & Conditions for EMI as mentioned on the website would be applicable.